Click webinar covering National Cattle Comfort to watch 60-minute webinar hosted by the Climate Learning Network. Viewing is free. The Climate Learning Network asks that you register and sign in. The webinar covers how to use the National Cattle Comfort Advisor products and the basic science behind the Cattle Comfort Index.

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National Cattle Comfort introduction handout for printing.   

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Weather Channel's Oklahoma: Hot Beef article about cattle producers, cattle care, and the Oklahoma Cattle Comfort Advisor written by Matt Hongoltz-Hetling with photographs by Nick Oxford as part of the Weather Channel's series United State of Climate Change.

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National Cattle Comfort Advisor poster presented at the 2017 National Association of County Agricultural Agents in Salt Lake City from July 9-13, 2017.

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The Oklahoma and National Cattle Comfort Advisors are based on the formula developed by Terry Mader, Leslie Johnson, and John Gaughan published in "A Comprehensive Index for Assessing Environmental Stress in Animals," Journal of Animal Science June 2010.